California State Law requires that children of school age be present each day in school except for illness, medical appointments, or a death in the family. To profit from all school experiences, students must regularly and punctually attend all classes. No amount of take-home work can replace the teaching done in the classroom. Excessive absences may result in lowering grades. Frequent absences or tardies will result in a contact from the office. It could result in consequences for the following year.


It is important for students to be on time and ready to begin class. Tardiness is recorded and becomes a permanent part of student records. In order to provide the best learning environment it is imperative that students be on time and ready to begin their day without causing disruption to a class already in progress. After five (5) unexcused tardies per quarter, students will be required to serve a 30 minute detention. A 15 minute detention will be assigned for each additional tardy within the same quarter. Detention will be arranged and scheduled by the teaching staff and parents will be notified.