Seventh Grade

May 21, 2018

 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Homeroom Information 7th Grade:

Upcoming Events:

Friday, May 4th=Ronald Reagan Library Trip 9:20-1:15

Monday, May 7th=Golf Classic

Thursday, May 10th=3-5th Musical 9 am, 7 pm

Thursday, May 17th=Early Dismissal & 11:30 am-No Daycare, Open House 7 pm

Friday, May 18th=Grandparents Day; Early Dismissal @ 11:00 am-No Daycare

Wednesday, May 23rd=Waikiki Wednesday

Friday, May 25th=Early Dismissal @ 2:00 pm

Monday, May 28th=School Closed-Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, June 4th=Award Assembly; Field Day

Tuesday, June 5th=7th Grade Party/Trip

Wednesday, June 6th=5th grade promotion @ 9:00 am; School Assembly @ 9:30 am; Early Dismissal 11:00 am-No Daycare



Science (week of 5/21/18):

Monday=Read Ch.13 C & D p.287-293; As you read complete a KWL Chart. Before you read write all that you know about Fish and Amphibians, and write 3 questions for each; then read and fill in what you learned.

Tuesday=Read Ch.13 E p.293-296 continue with KWL by adding info. on Reptiles; Complete Application 13d p.213-214



May 3

Quiz 23

May 8

Crossword puzzle #23

May 9

Latin Cartoon/present cartoon

May 10

Quiz 24

May 15-16

Pater Noster presentation due

May 17

No class (Open House)

May 24

Quiz 25

Book of Roots pages 104-106 due

May 30

Lesson book and vocabulary cards due

May 31

Unit test 5




Math (Week of 5/21/2018

Tuesday – Lesson 11-4

Wednesday – Lesson 11-5

Thursday – Lesson 11-6



History (week of 5/21/2018):

Monday: (due today: workbook 19-5) section review 19-4, ch. 19 review M.C., D.H.S.1,2, TEST ch. 19, late work and extra credit due

Wednesday: (due today: Missionary PowerPoint and Report-email as attachment to ) map quiz Europe blue, workbook 20-1

Friday: section review 20-1,2,3, workbook 20-2,3

Note- due dates for next week:

Wednesday- The chapter 20 test,  map quiz green S. Europe, large map of Europe due

Friday- prepare to share your PowerPoint from memory!!




Language Arts:

Tuesday, 5/22 –Due: Read The Hobbit chapter 8; Extra Credit: Chapter 10 Grammar test corrections

Wednesday, 5/23 – Vocab Quiz

Thursday, 5/24- Reading Quiz for chapters 8-13 of The Hobbit

Tuesday, 5/29 – Annotated Book due; Book report essay will be completed in class