Sixth Grade





In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

John 1:1-2

Monday, May 21

Finish paragraph chapters 6-10

Tuesday May 22

Adam of the Road chapters 6-10 due (paragraph)

We will be reviewing for grammar test in class

Adam of the Road chapter 11

Wednesday, May 23

Grammar Test chapter 11

Adam of the Road chapter 12

Thursday, May 24

Adam of the Road chapters 13-14

Friday, May 25

International Food Day

Adam of the Road chapter 15

Tuesday, May 29th

Adam of the Road chapters 11-15 with paragraph due



May 31 Bible Test

Literature assignment #2 due May 31

June 4 Field Day (Start time 8:30) Pizza 1.50 per slice

June5 Wendy’s and Bowling (Start time 8:30) (Lunch and Bowling 11:30-2:50)

June 6 Minimum Day (8:30-11:00)




History (week of 5/21/2018):

Tuesday: (due today- AP food label- include your name, the name of the food, the country the food is from, and a list of ingredients used, notes 16a, map ch. 16 Oceania, workbook 30)  notes 16b, map ch. 16 Western Europe, workbook 31

Wednesday:  (due today- notes 16b, map ch. 16 W. Europe, workbook 31), comp. check 16a,b, notes 16c, map ch. 16 Eastern Europe, workbook 32

Thursday: (due today- notes 16c, map ch. 16 E. Europe, workbook 32) comp. check 16c,d


*International Food Day this Friday!! Have your hot food brought hot at 11:30. Put cold foods in school fridge. Time of meal: 12-1. Ask a parent to come help set up at 11, serve at noon or clean at 1pm!!

*ch. 1-16 test next Thursday



Math (week 5/21/2018) – 

Monday – Lesson 10-4 Pg.436 #10-24, 28

Tuesday- Review for test

Thursday- Chapter 10 Midchapter Test



Science (week of 5/21/18)

Monday: None-Breaking Bridges

Tuesday: None-Breaking Bridges

Wednesday: None-Breaking Bridges

Thursday: None-Breaking Bridges

Friday: None; Early Release @ 2:00 p.m.