3rd – 5th Grade




May 10th at 9 am and 7 pm



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Program Order



‘Wild , Wild West’

Scene 1

‘Jonah, Go!’

Scene 2 

‘Sounds Like a Plan to Me’

Scene 3

‘ You Can Run But You Can’t Hide’

Scene 4

‘Set Us Free’

Scene 5

‘How He Loves Us’

Scene 6 & 7 

‘Look What Our God Can Do’

‘ Curtain Call’



Cast of Characters


Jonah – Connor Adler

Swifty – Lila Germann

Mabel – Taylor Appleton

Mary Jo – Tennessy Slatky

Nelli – Daylin Saiki

Lauralee – Ashlyn Ballard

Betty Sue – Isla Cerf

Jonah’s Brothers -Cyrus Dael and Colin DuHamel

Marshall – Anthony Russo

Sarah – Samantha Nehme

Caroline – Norah McElhanon

Driver – Jackson Marmon

Carnival Barkers – Gavin DuHamel and Eden Oberon

Shadey Citizen – Melanie DeLuca

Sheriff – Kyle Sniffin

Mayor – Gavyn Deutsch

Mrs. Mayor – Eden Greenberg

Cowboy 1 and 2 – Gavin DuHamel and Eden Oberon


Ashlyn Ballard, Isla Cerf, Melanie DeLuca,

Gavyn Deutsch, Lila Germann, Eden Greenberg,

Lainey LaRusso, Norah McElhanon,

Eden Oberon, Daylin Saiki,

and Tennessy Slatky




K-2nd and Middle School Worship Team

Open House ‘mini’ spring sing

Our open house program will start right at 6:30 pm on May 17th.  This is a shortened ‘mini’ spring sing.

Here is a link to one of their songs for the night so your student can practice at home too.



Music Enrichment (6th-8th)

Please make sure your student has a 3 ring binder for music class.   It is the responsibility of all music students to keep their music organized in a binder and bring it to class each week.

At home practice makes such a difference to becoming a better musician.   I highly recommend practicing at least 15-30 every day.   Students should have all available sheet music in their binders.



Being musical is great but nothing takes the place of practice and hard work.




‘Come as You Are’




‘O Come to the Alter’




‘Touch the sky’

Guitar –

Piano –


‘This is Amazing Grace’

Keyboard –

Guitar –

Guitar how to –


‘Good Good Father’

tutorial –

play along with chord –


‘Our God’

tutorial –

play along with chords-



Guitar –

Keyboard –


‘How He Loves’

Guitar –

Keyboard –


– Mrs. Hopkins