Dress Code & Rules

School Uniforms


Educational studies show that a dress code or uniform policy improves student behavior and promotes a more effective learning environment.  It is the goal of PVCS Administration and the School Board to have a student body that is clean, sharp, and conservative in appearance.  The following is the uniform policy for all students attending PVCS.

Shorts, slacks, skirts, jumpers, skorts, capri pants:
Solid khaki, navy-blue, gray, or black cotton blend.  Uniform plaid skirts or jumpers may be worn.  Jeans may be worn on Fridays (No tears or frays).

Polo shirts with PVCS logo.  Turtlenecks or other t-shirts may be worn under the polo for extra warmth.

Rubber soled shoes only, NO open-toed shoes. Tennis shoes are highly recommended.

Sweatshirts/Zip-up jackets:
PVCS or plain, solid navy-blue sweatshirts/zip-up jackets. Any other sweatshirts bearing the PVCS logo from sports team, etc. No trim, logos or print of any kind may be worn over polos.

NO caps of any kind are to be worn in the classroom.  They may be worn outside for sun protection.
NO oversized clothing.
Shorts and skirts for young ladies may be no shorter than 6 inches above the middle of the knee.
Shorts for young men may be no longer than 3 inches below the knee.

It is also important for all students to maintain good personal hygiene.  Hair should be kept clean and kept out of the face.

Allowable separations from this policy: (all separations from the uniform policy MUST follow the Dress Code policy.)

  1. Class field trips: Uniform dress is required on all field trips unless due to the nature of the excursion, the teacher makes an exception and communicates the change to the entire class.
  2. Free dress days: As designated and announced by school administration, earned free dress passes may be used on uniform days unless the teacher requests a certain dress for a specific activity.

Non-compliance with this policy
Students who come to school not in compliance with this policy will not be allowed to attend class until they are appropriately dressed.  Parents will be called to either bring appropriate clothing or to pick up their child from school.

Used uniforms will be available several times throughout the year.  These are available at no charge and are limited to what is on hand at the time.  Anyone wishing to donate used uniforms may drop them off in the school office; other families will appreciate and benefit from your sharing.

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