Parents or other authorized persons must personally sign-out the child(ren) they are picking up.

All students must be picked up from PVCS by 3:00PM or they will be signed into day care and all charges will apply.

Students waiting for pick-up after school MUST remain by the flagpole or they will be checked into day care. The campus will be closed. Exception: Attendance at any sports event in the gym.

Parents picking up children who are not their own, MUST have a signed note or prior authorization from the child’s(rens’) parents/guardian.

No student may be dropped off before 7:30 AM.

A student may be dropped from the day care program due to inappropriate behavior. Parent/Guardian will be notified in writing.

Use of Restroom:

Restrooms located in the gym area will be used by daycare students, except during school sports events. During these events, daycare students will use the restroom located in the Kindergarten classroom and/or restrooms next to the Patio Room.

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