Fourth Grade

 “And we have SEEN and TESTIFY that the Father has sent His Son

to be the Savior of the world!”

I John 4:14

Mrs. Routsong


  • Bible: (Positive Action Bible Curriculum) Building Life Castles focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit, Christian attitudes, and the life of Paul. Weekly memory verses from the NIV Bible will correlate with each week’s lesson and students will learn how to apply these verses to their lives. Weekly quizzes will be implemented, as well as daily class prayer.
  • Math: (A Beka) Throughout the year, students will be accomplishing many mathematical concepts including multiplication, place value, measurements, Roman numerals, division, estimation, common factors, fractions, graphs, and story problems. Test and quizzes will be alternated once a week. Daily Speed Drills will be given to test their fluidity regarding their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts. Fourth graders should know their multiplication facts (x2 through x12) readily within the first couple weeks of school. Those students who do not know their multiplication facts must get a set of flash cards for home review.
  • Spelling: (Purposeful Design) This curriculum guides students toward better spelling, a richer vocabulary, and familiarity with various prefixes and suffixes. The book contains weekly spelling lists, vocabulary lists, and activities. A Pretest will be given on Mondays to assess and assist students in studying those week’s words. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays.
  • English (Writing and Grammar): (BJU Press) This text focuses on grammar including in depth study of different parts of speech as well as writing skills required for personal narratives, letters, essays, poetry, and research papers.
  • Literature: (HBJ Treasury of Literature) Feast Your Eyes is an accumulation of great short stories or excerpts that make students want to read. New vocabulary is introduced with each story and comprehension questions and writing activities are also used as a supplement. Three novels, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and By the Great Horn Spoon will also be implemented throughout the year.
  • Social Studies: (Houghton Mifflin) Fourth graders in California study California’s History and Geography as their Social Studies curriculum. California is full of history that affects the United States as a whole. Our textbook, Oh, California, incorporates lessons on the First Californians, Missions, Ranchos, Gold Rush, Agriculture, Industrial Growth, and Railroads. Comprehensive chapter tests will be given after each chapter. Study guides will be given out to aid in students’ studying. All scheduled field trips thus far complement our Social Studies curriculum. Special projects will include making maps of California, participating in activities on our class Native American Day, completing an at-home California Mission project, and accomplishing an in-class Geographical Terms Picture Dictionary.
  • Science: (BJU Press) Our science curriculum offers a wide range of interests and focuses on God’s marvelous creation. Chapter units include God’s Creation, Forces and Energy, The Moon and Oceans, The Earth for Our Use, and The Body at Work. Tests or quizzes will be given after every chapter, and several hands-on activities will be implemented with each chapter. This will be the first year students will be required to complete an at-home science project and report for our school Science Fair which will take place on Friday, February 23rd.