Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade is a year full of discovery and growth!

Social Studies: We study American History from Pre-contact through present day. We look at history as a narrative and use hands-on history labs to bring history to life and make it a memorable experience.

Science: Fifth graders become scientists as we study geology, fossils, matter, weather, biomes, ecosystems, heat, light, sound, respiration, and circulation. We do labs for every chapter and take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity to foster learning.

Bible: We study the Old Testament and see how God’s plan for salvation and his constant love for his people are evident throughout time. Students participate in daily prayer and memorize Bible verses weekly.

Math: We continue to build on the basics by using the four functions to answer problems that are increasingly complex. Students become confident in solving multi-step equations that include fractions and decimals.

Language Arts: We take adventures together through the pages of a wide variety of books from different genres! We also expand our grammar knowledge, writing ability, and public speaking skills.

Enrichment: Students have time set aside each week for enrichment classes: art, music, Spanish, P.E. and computer.

In the midst of all these academic categories, we also focus on maturing the whole child in preparation for middle school. The students learn study habits and social skills that are necessary for success, and we look at every subject from a Biblical perspective in the hopes that each student learns more about God and his goodness and love.

I believe that learning should happen everyday, and that learning that is the most memorable happens outside of textbooks and workbooks. Because of this belief, we have a classroom that is active and hands-on as often as possible. Lessons are taught through a balance of teacher instruction and classroom discussion. In addition, we go on many field trips that ignite curiosity and foster an opportunity for greater understanding and maturity.

Teacher: Deanna Bannon