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24 -25 Annual Tuition

Annual w/Prepaid Discount Prior to 6/1/24

12-mo. Payment Plan (June-May)

10-mo. Payment Plan (Aug.-May)

Sibling Discount Amount







Elementary 1st-5th






Middle School  6th-8th






Extended Daycare per hour – $ 7.00

 REGISTRATION & BOOK FEES:Preschool K-5th Grade6-8th Grade
New Family Reg. & Book Fee, non-refundable$160$385$490
Returning Families Reg. & Book Fee prior to 3/1/24, non-refundable$130$330$435
Returning Families Reg. & Book Fee after 3/1/24, non-refundable$160$425$530

NOTE: Registration Fee/Book Fees MUST be paid at the time of registration through your family’s FACTS account, personal check, money orders, or cashier’s check. Cash is NOT accepted.  Payment of these fees secures your child’s enrollment.

Monthly payments are handled by FACTS Tuition Management Company. All families wishing to make monthly payments must set an online enrollment between themselves, PVCS and FACTS for automated payments. Payment dates of either the 5th or the 20th of the month may be selected. Payment period for tuition is either a 12-month payment plan (June-May) or a 10-month payment plan (Aug.-May).

Families that enroll after August will have a modified payment plan. Online enrollment for monthly payments must be submitted with your child’s registration. Prior to October, full annual tuition shall be charged for all enrolling students. Students who enroll after October 1st shall be charged tuition, prorated based on the remaining weeks in the school year.

Prepaid Tuition Discount: Annual tuition paid in full will receive a $100.00 discount per prepaid tuition. Discount is available until June 1, 2024 only. Refunds for students withdrawing during the year will be computed on the full annual tuition rate.

Sibling Discounts: A sibling discount of 10% per each additional child is provided. Only one discount per child. Discount applies to the lesser tuition amount(s).

Daycare Fees/Other Fees

Extended Day Care (EDC) Fees: EDC hours are pre-paid and are available in 10 hour and 20 hour increments for $52.50 and $105.00. EDC is available from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM during regular school days. Parents are responsible for estimating their day care needs and purchasing cards according to the prepaid policy. NOTE: There is a minimum $15.00 charge for all students NOT picked up by 5:00 PM, (after 15 minutes the fee is $1.00 per minute). This fee is due and payable to the Day Care Staff at the time of pick-up. Continual late pick-up could result in your child being permanently removed from the EDC program.

Middle School Fees: Athletic fees (if applicable); lunch card (optional); school uniform; locker; PE uniform; and field trips.

Grade School Fees: Athletic fees (if applicable); lunch card (optional); school uniform; and field trips.

Returned Check Charge: Accounts will be charged a $20.00 Returned Check Charge for checks returned from the bank.