Lion's Roar

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.”                                  Psalm 19:11

 We were very excited and blessed to introduce 30 new “Lion students” last Thursday at our first all-school get acquainted chapel. The students and their families are no longer considered “new”! They seamlessly fit right into the PVCS community! Please take time to greet these great families and make them feel welcome.

We also have some new staff along with some veteran staff in new positions. It is such a blessing to welcome Mrs. Shellabarger in kindergarten, Mrs. Current and Mrs. Spandrio in first grade, Mrs. Moss, Miss Brueckner and Mrs. Johnson in fourth grade, Mrs. Solomon in fifth grade, Mrs. Reid in seventh grade and Mrs. Dingman in eighth grade language arts. Another answer to prayer is that God has provided a wonderful daycare staff. Miss April and Miss Maddy will be taking care of our students who need after school care.

In our kitchen, we welcome Kelli Miller. She is not only a great cook, but she keeps the kitchen in tip top shape!

It is such a blessing that God faithfully provides amazing, godly people to work with our precious students. We think it will be a memorable year for everyone!

As always, please get involved with as much as you are able. It’s the families who contribute so much to the reputation of PVCS. So thankful for you all! Have a great year. It will fly by quickly so enjoy the moments with your fast-growing, wonderful students! We are blessed indeed to partner with you.

Early Fridays
One change this year is that we will have an early dismissal on the last Friday of each month. All students will get out at 2:00. Daycare will be available for those who need it. Charges will begin at 3:00. The first early Friday will be September 29. We are using this time to keep updated on preparedness procedures and trainings in the event of any emergencies. The entire staff were given training by Klopman Safeguard Inc. before school started. One of our PV dads helps schools and organizations ready themselves for emergency situations.  Mr. Klopman is helping us update our procedures.

We require that every staff member be certified in First Aid and CPR, and is a team member on our emergency plan. Most of you are already aware that we have a shed where we have enough food, water and survival equipment for   3-4 days of care. Our primary goal is to keep our students safe and feeling as secure as possible. The children know that we have monthly practice drills. Student behavior has always been exceptional.

Dad’s Donut Drop-Off
Tuesday, September 12 will be a great morning for dads to bring their children to school! The gym will be set up with donuts, drinks, and a couple of games for dads to win free dress passes for their kids. Come and meet some new dads and have some fellowship with all the PV dads. Plan to stop by and make a great memory with your kids. The gym will be open 7:45-9:30 AM. It’s a great way to start the day! If any dads are unable to make it, we welcome grandpas, uncles, or special friends.

Your Turn, Moms!
Tuesday, September 19 is Mom’s Muffin Morning, 8:00- 9:30. Plan to start your morning with a delicious continental breakfast and fellowship. It’s always a blessing!

Want to be a Staff Member for a Day?
It is that exciting time of year again when you are invited to take part in our “Staff for a Day” fundraiser.  Students can buy tickets for $1.00 each and put them in the sack for the position(s) they are hoping to have.  Free snack shack for the year will also be available.  Bags will be set out the week of Sept. 18 and the drawing will take place at the BBQ, Sept. 24.  This year all the proceeds will be going to Texas to help their schools get up and running again. Miss Kirchner, one of our previous kindergarten teachers, has not been able to start her kindergarten position due to severe damage in the schools. We are donating September chapel funds and Staff for a Day proceeds through Samaritan’s Purse to the Texas Children’s Fund.

Save Sunday, Sept. 24!
Plan to join the fun at the Back to School BBQ this month. Games, face painting, cake walks, dunk tanks and yummy food will all be part of this fun family event. It kicks off at 12:30 and ends at 3:00.  Staff for a Day drawing takes place at 2:00. You do not need to be present to win.

People in Prayer

(Formerly known as Moms in Prayer)

Dear PVCS Parents,

You are invited to be a part of a quiet, but important group of individuals.  We pray for each student by name, the teachers, & staff, as well as the school.  People in Prayer: PiP meets on a weekly basis:

Thursdays: 8:15-8:55 a.m.

We’ll meet in front of the school office, and then head to the school library.  If you are interested in attending, please inform me, the Resource & Spanish teacher.  I can be reached by phoning the school: (805) 383-2672 or at

Thank you.

Monica Welikala